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2015 Annual Meeting          9 a.m. Saturday June 27, 2015 @ the pool.
Meeting minutes and voting results
June 27 2015 Voting Results.pdf June 27 2015 Voting Results.pdf
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June 27 2015 Minutes.pdf June 27 2015 Minutes.pdf
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PDO Letter from Greg McKinney.pdf PDO Letter from Greg McKinney.pdf
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PDO Letter from J & R Lawrence.pdf PDO Letter from J & R Lawrence.pdf
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agenda 6-27-15 annual meeting.doc agenda 6-27-15 annual meeting.doc
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All Association fees must be current and paid up to, and including, the first two quarters of 2015. 

For undeveloped lots this is $314 paid for 2015. 

For developed lots this is $420 paid for 2015.

All fees prior to 2015, including any late fees, must be paid.

Your last invoice / receipt will have your payment status.  If there is any question please contact the Association.

Contiguous lots where fees are not paid are not entitled to vote.  Anyone wishing to vote a contiguous lot should contact the Association Board regarding fee payment.

Association fees must be received or paid in person no later than 6 p.m. on Friday June 26, 2015 to be considered ‘current’ for the vote on Saturday June 27, 2015. DO NOT PUT CHECKS IN THE RETURN BALLOT ENVELOPE.

Ballots returned where the property owner is not present at the meeting must have a signed proxy included. 


Dues must be paid up to, and including, the first two quarters of 2015.

A proxy with TWO WITNESSES is required to validate mail-in ballots. 

The return envelope must be signed in the return address label to validate mail-in ballots.


For owners with more than one lot, enclose only one ballot in each return envelope.

        Return mailed ballots must be received by Friday June 26, 2015. 

        Ballots delivered in person will be accepted prior to 6 p.m. on Friday June 26, 2015.

        A ballot box will be at the meeting for attendees to place their ballots until the beginning of the meeting at 9 a.m. on Saturday June 27, 2015.  Persons attending the meeting do not need a completed proxy.


There are four Board of Directors positions open for this coming election.  Four property owners submitted self-nomination forms for this election and they are attached below.

Christine Cox.2015.doc Christine Cox.2015.doc
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Christine Cox.2015.pdf Christine Cox.2015.pdf
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Paul Easley.2015.doc Paul Easley.2015.doc
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Paul Easley.2015.pdf Paul Easley.2015.pdf
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Sharon Rhodes.2015.doc Sharon Rhodes.2015.doc
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Sharon Rhodes.2015.pdf Sharon Rhodes.2015.pdf
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Wayne Arnesen.2015.doc Wayne Arnesen.2015.doc
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Wayne Arnesen.2015.pdf Wayne Arnesen.2015.pdf
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Circle the name or place an "X" in the box in front of your choices on the ballot to mark your votes.



The 2016 proposed budget document is attached, with a Board of Directors message regarding this budget:
PDO 2016 budget.xlsx PDO 2016 budget.xlsx
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PDO 2016 budget.pdf PDO 2016 budget.pdf
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Circle "YES" / "NO" or place an "X" in the box in front of your budget choice on the ballot.

The Board of Directors has mailed each property owner the voting information and ballot for the annual election.  As a part of your community we hope you all participate in the vote.  In the past we have had to invalidate votes due to owners not being current with their dues, the ballot instructions weren’t followed, signatures were missing, votes were received late, etc.  Please pay attention to the instructions to assure your vote will count.  As a reminder, the annual meeting will be held on Saturday June 27th at 9:00 am at the new palapa at the owners’ pool.


Over the past few years, we have done a good job collecting back dues and that has funded the pool improvements, repair of the palapas, the creation of the required reserve fund ($25,000) for the first time and the new shade sails and large palapa at the lower pool.  In addition to this, new landscaping along the north wall will be installed to enhance the front entry.  However, these funds are going to significantly lessen over the next few years as owners are getting caught-up and paying their back dues.


In 2013, the general membership passed a 5% increase in annual dues in order to maintain a level of income to continue providing maintenance and improvements into the future without cutting services.  This increase commenced in January of 2104.  However, unknown to any of us, the Mexican Federal Government increased the IVA tax (federal sales tax) by 5%, which also took effect in January of 2014.  Since the IVA tax is attached to nearly every purchase and transaction in Mexico, the 5% increase that was approved was in effect completely negated by the increased IVA tax. 


Please review the above attached document which summarizes the operating result of 2014 and the proposed budget for 2016 which includes a 5% increase.  You will see that in 2014 the HOA collected nearly $137,000 and spent slightly over $135,000, or a difference of $2,700.  Basically, what was collected was spent.  It is important to note, $11,700 in past dues were collected in 2014 as a part of the operating cash, which as we go forward will diminish and eventually go away as owners get current. 


In the proposed 2016 budget some of the line items have nominally stayed the same, while others have increased.  Most importantly we have maintained the unbudgeted expenses/repairs and the miscellaneous expenses ($9,000 together) while at the same time we are forecasting reduced collections of past dues of $4,700 or 40%.  Honestly, we have no idea of the accuracy of the estimate for collections of past dues but we know they will diminish.  We expect to get through 2015 breaking even and this proposed 2016 budget will allow the HOA to remain financially balanced while having approximately $9,000 for repairs and upgrades annually as might be required.  As a reminder any approved increase will not take effect until the 2016 calendar year dues.


Unfortunately it seems the cost to operate always seems to go up, the potential to collect past dues will continue to go down, and we always want to maintain a healthy financial position.  Based on this we feel an increase is warranted and required at this time.  We are requesting that each of you review the proposed budget (which is also posted on the HOA website) and give favorable consideration to the 5% increase it represents over the expenses of 2014.  With this increase, the dues for an unimproved lot would be $660 (a $30 increase) and for an improved lot, $880 (a $40 increase). 


As a Board and PDO property owners, we do understand that any increase isn’t a great thing, but at 5% we hope it is acceptable and manageable.  With this increase we will be able to maintain your community, preserve the cash reserve fund for emergencies, be able to continue to make improvements and be well prepared financially for the upcoming maintenance items that are surely coming as our development continues to age.


We thank you for your consideration of this very important matter, thank you.


Your Board of Directors


Jon Zimmerman                           Sharon Rhodes

Don Koontz                                  Jim Greene

George McClellan                         Paul Easley


Playa de Oro Neighbors Association A.C.


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