Playa De Oro Neighbors Association AC


March 21, 2017

Underlying Objective

1.      Ensure BOD and/or HOA continues to function seamlessly on an ongoing basis and particularly during times of transition of board members.

2.      Ensure the HOA is in sound financial state through continuing to reduce operating cost, improve services, and increase revenues with the goal to make PDO the preferred place to live in the San Felipe area.   PDO HOA thinks GREEN.


The main services provided by the HOA are:

·         Pools and surrounding infrastructure;

·         Security;

·         Maintenance of infrastructure;

·         Garbage disposal;

·         Maintain acceptable building standards and esthetics;

·         Contribute to continuing development of PDO HOA community;

·         Contribute positively to the surrounding community.


During 2015 and 2016 the dominant focus was to set up the BOD and/or HOA so its function and operations continue seamlessly during times of board transition as witnessed in 2015.   This has entailed contracting accounting functions to an outside source and major changes to banking.   Add to that ongoing financial viability raised its head in 2016.

Going forward the dominant focus is on greening the pool in order to reduce operating costs as well as make more effective use of the wonderful facility.   For many the pool area is the initial introduction to PDO HOA.   It is the first impression and speaks volumes.

At the present time the upper and lower pool are utilized for approximately 6 months of the year.    The remainder of the year the pools for the most part are considered too cold for less than the hardy.

In the initial concept of the pools they were heated and to be heated.    There are existing propane heaters for both pools along with the hot tub.    Operating costs of these heaters are prohibitive.   The option is to go to highly energy efficient heat pumps.

The introduction of energy efficient pumps in August 2016 had an immediate impact on electrical operating cost.    A heat pump was approved in November 2016 for immediate install.    Unfortunately the installation got held up until February 2017 for various reasons.   However the bulk of the costs were incorporated into the 2016 operating year.

Based on present conditions, the pool operation can be greened over 2017 through to 2020 within the annual operating budget.    This would result in:

·         Zeroing out the energy costs to operate the pool complex;

·         Heat both lower and upper pool;

·         Cool the lower pool in peak summer months.

Thus the pool complex would be fully functional for 12 months of the year.

Goal 2017

In 2017 the goal is to install 40 solar panels to make strong inroads to reduce energy operating costs.  Develop ways for greater utilization of the pool area to generate funds to offset capital costs.     Continue to explore ways to develop community.    Explore viable options to upgrade Security patrol vehicles.  There is potential to replace existing patrol vehicles with an electric vehicle.   The savings in operating cost is sufficient to make the payments on a new or fairly new used vehicle.

Goal 2018

In 2018 install heat pump   with sufficient solar panels to zero out the additional energy costs to operate the heat pump in the lower pool.   It is noted that the lower pool is the pool that most members use.   It is also used for water exercise classes when the water temperature is acceptable.

Goal 2019

In 2019 install heat pump with sufficient solar panels to zero out the additional energy costs in the upper pool.

Goal 2020

Install cooler for the lower pool as well as sufficient solar panels to zero out total energy operating costs for the pool.

It is noted that:

·         If electrical cost start to escalate rapidly the goals may be modified to zero out energy operating costs ahead of installing heat pumps.

·         Each year the costs of noted improvement will have to be doable within the projected budget.   A change in operating costs and/or revenue could impact the projected goals one way or the other.

·         Demands of other services such as security, infrastructure could also impact the proposed program

·         Hanging in the background is a continuing need to upgrade Patrol Vehicles for Security.  The dominant goal is electric powered vehicle to reduce operating costs.

Goal 2021

Ensure the greening of the pool is completed.   Then the needs of security and infrastructure to be prioritized.


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