Playa De Oro Neighbors Association AC

November, 2018

Greetings to all PDO property and home owners. It is nice to be back in San Felipe. It appears to be more like spring than fall with all the green showing in the desert. I hope no one suffered major destruction from the storms we had here a few weeks ago. The roadways and arroyos did have some large washouts. The road has had some work done on it and the arroyo is now passable down to the beach. There will be several loads of rock placed by the wall going down the arroyo where there was a large washout area. We will be doing some further work in these areas as soon as a sustainable long term plan of action can be budgeted and implemented. If anyone knows of someone with road design and engineering experience, send them our way!


The pool area looks great with the new pool staff taking care of the pools, spa, lounge area as well as the bathrooms. There will be ongoing minor maintenance work in the pool area to keep everything in tip top shape. A great place to spend an afternoon with a good book, or “wine down” Wednesday is the lower pool to catch up on what everyone has been doing.


Very nice to see two new homes being built. The construction has been moving along very quickly. There have also been two more lot owners talking about starting to build as well. Our community is certainly growing. I am sure everyone will be looking forward and welcoming to the new neighbors when they move in.


The next board meeting will be held on December 1st. It is usually held early in the morning, but we thought that for this meeting we would start at and invite the PDO property owners to join us in a Town Hall type forum. The board would like to get some constructive feedback on the issues that will be brought up at that meeting. If you have something specific you would like to have discussed please contact us and we will try to include it in the agenda.


The plans for the mini medians, to replace the large median at the entrance are coming along. George McClellan is heading up the committee (along with owner Tim Brown) to put plans in place to beautify the roadways. George is looking at the possibility of some art sculptures as well as plants for these areas. We are looking forward to seeing the proposals. Thank you to George and Tim for the time and effort to research everything.


I hate to have to bring these subjects up again, but we continue to receive complaints and they were hot topics at our last board meeting.


  • Please, keep the speeding down. Our posted speed limit is 20 mph.
  • Barking dogs seem to be a problem again. Pet owners please be aware and respectful of your neighbors’ right to a peaceful environment.


Wishing everyone a very Thankful Thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the December 1 meeting.


Val Ell


Playa de Oro Neighbors Association A.C. 


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