Playa De Oro Neighbors Association AC

June, 2018

Greetings PDO’rs.  Hope everyone is enjoying the spring wherever you are.

I wanted to send out a Great Big Thank You to those in Playa de Oro who helped our resident Angel Sharon Rhodes deliver life changing medical equipment to those less fortunate people (including children) in our community.  Thank you Sharon for your unfailing dedication to helping others.  Many thanks go out to Jim and Caren Greene, Greg and Melissa McKinney, Lee and Lori Stoll, Gary and Linda McDermott, Carol Keller and Cathy Tiwald for joining the angel network to get the equipment over the border and delivered. I hope I have not missed anyone who was involved in this huge endeavor.  Sorry we were not in San Felipe to help.  Giving people like you are certainly what gives a community heart. 

Another heartfelt endeavor, PDO HOA was approached this spring about sponsoring the San Felipe Challenger Baseball Team.  This league is a group of special needs youth playing organized baseball and traveling to other communities to compete.  The team needed sponsorship for uniforms for the children.  The parents have been doing a great job of coaching and have been putting in countless hours to get these special needs children out in the community and giving them the opportunity to enjoy sports.  We decided it would be a great opportunity to contribute to our community, so we are now proud sponsors of the Challenger Baseball Team. The sponsorship was $675.  If you are out and about and hear of one of their games in San Felipe head on out and cheer for our team.

Several new faces in PDO! Colin and Laura Briggs have purchased a lot and plan on breaking ground this month for their new home.  Congratulations and welcome! We had another new home begin construction last month. So awesome to see PDO growing!

We’ve had a few changes up at the pool area.  The shade sails have been put up on the lap pool.  The shade will certainly be welcome this summer.  The safety ropes around the pool areas have been replaced.  They were getting very frayed and worn, it was very difficult to try and mend them anymore.  The slings for the pool loungers have been replaced as well.  Everything will be looking brand spanking new!

Our Gem is making security rounds again since the batteries have been replaced. The guard staff has been given instructions on how and when it should be charged we are anticipating much better performance of the Gem.  

Have a great summer everyone !  

Valerie Ell

Playa de Oro Neighbors Association A.C. 


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