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October 2017

Before we share the construction protocol, the HOA board would like to take a moment to reach out to any and all of our members that have been impacted by the disasters (both natural and man-caused) that have plagued the world this year. From earthquakes to hurricanes, from fires to gun violence, it has been a difficult 2017. If you have been personally affected, please contact us if you need help in any way.


President’s Message

 October 16, 2017 

PDO HOA Construction Protocol


The project to put together a concise protocol for construction of improvements in PDO HOA was started about a year ago as it became apparent that the HOA was not well organized in this arena and things were falling through the cracks so to speak.


Sharon Rhodes initiated the project and with the construction of her garage learned firsthand the frustration and the holes in the process. Once Sharon left the BOD new board member Pam Swanson took over the coordinating and completion of the construction process and protocols.

The Architectural Committee has an email address for submission of plans, questions, etc. It is: 


It is noted that PMD will be the first point of contact:

  • Potential builders need a place to start.   PMD is the HOA Property Manager as well they run an office;
  • It is not efficient nor desirable to hand this to a BOD member;
  •  In many cases PMD is first contact for owners in the HOA and a point of reference;
  • PMD is involved in the survey process as well as the installation of septic systems;
  • PMD is familiar with the requirements of local authorities;
  • PMD is familiar with the requirements so can coach potential builders on what is required as well as plans to submit.

Please check the Construction Rules and Guidelines Page to access the Construction Protocol which was approved at the October 01 2017 Board of Directors meeting.   


Wayne Arnesen




Playa de Oro Neighbors Association A.C. 


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